Basic Action Figure Instructions

Rainbow Loom Action Figure Instructions

How to Make a Rainbow Loom Action Figure

This is an instructional video to make an Action Figure Charm on the Rainbow Loom. This is a Beginner Level Charm. Once you have mastered this flatter style Action Figure Charm, you will be ready to move onto more advanced 3D charms. You will need colored pencils and a paper template of the Rainbow Loom with the red arrows marked for the first step of this demonstration. Planning the Design is the first step in completing your Basic Action Figure. Be ready to stop the demonstration as you go along to be sure you stay at the same pace as the video. Once you are ready to start just know that the video will not speed up at any point, which is why it takes just over 30 minutes to watch the entire video. Placing the Bands on the Rainbow Loom is the next step. You will need black, blue, red, and neon orange bands for this design. BE very careful when removing your charm from the Rainbow Loom. The video suggests that you use your hook to help take the charm off. Follow both the demonstration video and your template and you will create a great Basic Action Figure Charm.

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