Bird Of Paradise Instructions For The Rainbow Loom

Bird of Paradise Instructions

How to Make A Rainbow Loom Bird Of Paradise Bracelet Pattern

This is a tutorial for making the Bird of Paradise Bracelet using your Rainbow Loom. This is an Advanced Level design. 

Before beginning, gather 48 “A” Blue, 12 “B” Neon Green, and 20 “C” Neon Orange bands, your band organizer, Rainbow Loom in the Rectangle position, a “c” clip, and your hook. Be sure to follow the video carefully. They do fast forward to finish each section, so if you need to pause it to keep up, be ready to do that. Be careful when looping the bands. There are diagrams throughout the video to help you along. Once you have finished the bracelet you will have to create an extension. A larger wrist would need 5 or 6 bands. Double up your bands for a thicker extension. This bracelet is a thick design and you can play with the combination of colors. Create team bracelets, or co-ordinate with your favorite outfits! These bands are great to give as gifts at Christmas or Birthdays. Get your wild side on and have fun!

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