Butterfly Blossom Ring Pattern Instructions

Butterfly Blossom Ring Instructions

How to make a Rainbow Loom Butterfly Blossom Ring


This is an instructional video to create a Butterfly Ring on the Rainbow Loom. This is an Advanced Level Design ring to create. You will need a Rainbow Loom, your hook, 12 orange bands, 4 pink bands, 5 white bands, and a ā€œcā€ clip to complete this video. The Rainbow Loom will be used in the off-set position the with arrow pointing away from you. The video goes step-by-step so be ready to stop the video at any point to make sure you have followed each step exactly to achieve a successful ring. Take your time and you will perfect the Butterfly Ring and be the envy of friends and family! You can interchange the colours to create rings for any outfit, school colors or even team colors. This ring is perfect to make in matching colors of your favorite Rainbow Loom bracelet to complete your outfit! As shown in the video, after you have pulled the ring off the loom, you will have to manipulate it into the shape you want before moving on to the final steps. We hope you enjoy this creating the Butterfly Ring and will look for other patterns to create on your Rainbow Loom!

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