Carnation Bracelet Instructions

Rainbow Loom Carnation Bracelet Instructions

How to Make A Rainbow Loom Carnation Bracelet Pattern

This instructional video is to create a Carnation Bracelet on your Rainbow Loom. This is an Advanced Level Design. For this bracelet you will need your Rainbow Loom, hook, ā€œcā€ clip, your sorting chart,14 A (green), 30 B (white), and 30 C (pink)bands. After following this demonstration video play with the colors you want for the flowers; get creative with it! The red arrow will face away from you while you work on the Carnation Bracelet. Throughout the video you will see charts to help you visualize the steps. Take your time and pause the demonstration until you are caught up at each step. You may want to watch the looping step a few times before trying it on your own bracelet. If you have two looms you can make this bracelet without having to make an extension. If you have only one loom, you will create the extension needed once the carnations have been removed from your Rainbow Loom. It is suggested that 6 or more bands may be needed for larger wrists and only 3 or 4 for smaller wrists. The Carnation Bracelet makes a wonderful gift for friends or family.

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