Crossed Hexagon Ring Instructions

Rainbow Loom Crossed Hexagon Ring

How to Make A Rainbow Loom Crossed Hexagon Ring

Today you will learn how to create your own Crossed Hexagon Ring with the Rainbow Loom. This is an intermediate level design, and to make this bracelet you will need:


  • 4 “A” Green color bands.

  • 6 “B” Pink bands.

  • 2  “C” Teal bands.

  • 2 “D” Purple bands.

  • A “C” Clip.

Go ahead and get your supplies ready before you begin with the rest of this guide.


Step 1: Placing the Bands.


Begin by placing your loom so that the red arrow is pointing away from you. Check the diagram below: it will guide you through the process of placing the first 14 bands on the Loom:


We will start from the center pin and place the first “A” band forwards up to the next center pin. From there, we will place another “A” band to the third center pin. Now it’s time to make the crossed hexagon: starting at the third center pin place a “B” band to the left and another one to the right. From both right and left pins place a couple of “C” bands to the center (one for each side); place a couple of “B” bands forward up to the next left/right pins in order to make the sides of the hexagon. To continue, go to the center of the hexagon and place two “D” bands to both sides from there, the inner cross is now finished. Place two more “B” bands from the sides towards the center pin and close the hexagon. Now, place two more “A” bands forward up from the center pin, just like you did in the beginning.


Step 2: Looping the bands.


Now we are ready to start looping the bands, turn the Loom so that the red arrow is pointing towards you. Refer to the diagram below to loop the bands.


Start by looping the second “A” band forward, the diagram above will show it as “1A”. Afterwards, loop the “B” bands both to the left and to the right. Make sure that all the bands you loop are making a “teardrop shape”, if they are not please start over and check out the video for more information. Continue by looping the next two “D” bands from the sides to the center, and the two “B” bands on the sides forward up. The next bands to loop are the “C” bands from the center out to the sides, and from there you will be able to loop the last “B” bands back to the center. Finally, loop the last two “A” bands forward up.


Step 3: Finishing the ring.


To finish your ring, pull up all the bands on the last center pin and pull the bands to the right so that it covers both right and center pins. Now it will be easier to place the C clip.


Grab your C clip with the open side facing forward and snap it over your bands and then life your ring from the loom with the help of your fingers. Make sure that both sides of the ring are securely attached to the Clip before trying to wear the ring. Congratulations, you just finished your crossed hexagon ring!


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