Cup Cake Charm Instructions

How to make Rainbow Loom Cupcake Charms

How to Make Rainbow Loom Cupcake Charms



This is an instructional video to create the CupCake Charm with the Rainbow Loom. This is a Beginner/Intermediate Level design. Begin by putting all three rows of your Rainbow Loomeven with each other and the red arrow facing away from you. For this charm you will need one red bead, red, brown and pink bands as well as your hook. When the instructor says to “double” your bands she means to place two bands at the same time. Be ready to stop the video at any time you have to in order to stay at the same pace as the demonstrator. Carefully remove the CupCake Charm from the Rainbow Loom and you are done! Following these steps will allow you to master this charm in no time. Play with the colors to make different looks. Your friends and family will love this sweet charm! Design by

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