Daisy Chain Bracelet Instructions

Daisy Chain

How to make a Rainbow Loom Daisy Chain Pattern





This instructional video is to create a Daisy Chain on your Rainbow Loom. This is an Advanced Level Design. We suggest that you master the Starburst Bracelet or Suzanne’s Rainbow Blooms Flower before attempting this bracelet. You will need your Rainbow Loom, a hook, four colors of bands, chart paper and four colors of markers (that match the bands you picked) to create the design before beginning. Notice that she deals with one color of band at a time and then repeats with the additional colors. The number of flowers you make is up to you. The demonstration creates 3 flowers. Be sure to pause if you need to during the tutorial to stay up with the steps. This bracelet will test your patience but stick with it and you will end-up with an AMAZING bracelet that you will wear with pride! Friends and family will be awed by your ability to make such a creative, difficult piece on your Rainbow Loom!

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