Delta Wing Bracelet Instructions

Delta Wing Bracelet Instructions

How To Make A Rainbow Loom Delta Wing Bracelet Pattern

PDF Instructions- Rainbow Loom Delta Wing Bracelet

In this video you will learn how to make the Delta Wing Bracelet (an Advanced level design). To make this bracelet you will need:

  • 38 “A” Black bands.
  • 22 “B” Red bands.
  • 20 “C” Orange bands.
  • A “C” clip.

It’s a good idea to have the supplies ready before you begin and get ready to continue with this guide.

Step 1: Placing the bands.


Start with your Loom in the rectangle configuration: all your pins should be in line. Race your Loom so that the red arrow is pointing away from you. You will begin by placing three “A” color (in this case black) bands on your Loom. Start at the center pin and place the first band from the center pin to the second pin on the left: do the same with the other two bands, but place them on the second pin on the right and the second center pin.


Now, check the diagram below to understand how to position the next twelve bands. each line stands for one band and the letter indicates the type of the band (also associated to the colors mentioned at the beginning of the guide). Remember to check the video for further details.


You will need to repeat this pattern three more times on the Loom until you get to the last pins. No that you are at the on of the Loom you will need to place five more bands. Starting on the penultimate pin on your left you will place one “B” band to the penultimate center pin, from there to the penultimate right pin. Back on the left pin, place an “A” band to the last middle pin and another one from the penultimate right pin to that same last middle pin. Lastly place an “A” band straight up the middle from the penultimate center pin to the last center pin. Place twisted band on the last center pin.

Step 2: Looping the bands.


Begin by turning the loom so that the red arrow is pointing towards you. Begin by looping your cap band forward. Then loop the next colored bands to the left and to the right just like it is shown in the video. Refer to the diagram below to loop the next fourteen bands.


When you are finished, repeat the pattern all over again until the end of the Loom. Then, you will loop the “B” bands to the sides (the penultimate pins) and all three “A” bands to the last center pin. Consider the Looping process finished!


Step 3: Finishing the Bracelet.


Now that we finished with the bands, we are ready to finish the bracelet. Pull all the bands on the last pin up to the top, slide your hook through the channel you just created and tilt it out to the side. Grab an “A” band and place it on the end of your hook, pull your hook back up and pull the bands through the hook to its thickest part.

With your fingers, move the bands off your Loom and then locate your cap band. You will now need to create an extension so that the bracelet fits your wrist. Place five or six “A” bands on the Loom and place your cap band on the last one. Extend the first band to the side and create an area to place your “C” clip. Join that area together with the area you are holding with your hook using the clip. Your bracelet is now secured!

PDF Instructions- Rainbow Loom Delta Wing Bracelet

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