Diamond Ridge Bracelet Instructions

Rainbow Loom Diamond Ridge Pattern

Rainbow Loom Instructions- How to Make A

Diamond Ridge Bracelet

The Diamond Ridge Bracelet is a Beginner Level piece to complete. The video shows a selection of samples with different numbers of colors in each bracelet. This flexibility allows you to create as dynamic or subtle bracelet as you would like. Your imagination is the only limit to the creations you can make using the Diamond Ridge design on the Rainbow Loom. Don’t be afraid of the length of this video; the creation of this bracelet is broken down in to easy-to-follow steps. Almost a minute into the video it lists how many of each color you will need for the bracelet being made.

Be sure to make use of the organizer to help you. Remember to have the red arrow of the loom pointing away from you when you begin. Be careful to watch the instructions on the screen as well as listen to the demonstrator’s voice. The Diamond Ridge Bracelet takes more time to create but it is more than worth the time you will spend. Give this beginner bracelet a try and WOW your friends and family with what they will think is an advanced Rainbow Loom Bracelet!

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