Double Cross Fishtail Instructions

Double Cross Fishtail

How to make a Double Cross Fishtail Rainbow Loom Bracelet

The DoubleCross Fishtail Bracelet is a more complicated design based on the basic Fishtail Bracelet. Using your Rainbow Loom and this instructional video you will be a master of this pattern in no time! As the beginning of the video shows, you can create a simple one or two color pattern or go as complicated as a full rainbow colored bracelet. This pattern only uses four pegs so your bracelet will “grow” out of the bottom of your Rainbow Loom. Get wild with your color choice! Design a bracelet based on your school colors, or your team’s  colors, or even create bracelets based on the colors of your favorite Harry Potter house! No matter what colors you choose your bracelet will turn out great when you use your Rainbow Loom.

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