Double Cross Spiral Twist Bracelet Instructions by Jordantine1

How To Make A Double Cross Spiral Twist Bracelet

This is a design I came up with on the Rainbow Loom back in December.  It took me several weeks to come up with a spiral design that really worked.  It uses the same concept as the Double Cross Fishtail, only the top layer shifts every time to create the spiral pattern.  Once you get the hang of this one, you can try the Triple and the Quad Cross Spiral Twist.  They work best on the Monster Tail loom, since the open middle allows the thicker bracelet to easily fit down through.  You can make the Double Cross Spiral Twist on either the Rainbow Loom or the Monster Tail.  Either way, it turns out great and gives you a unique looking bracelet!  You can find these designs and more by Jordantine1 here.




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