Double Forward Rhombus Bracelet Instructions

Double Forward Rhombus Bracelet

How to Make A Double Forward Rhombus Rainbow Loom Bracelet Pattern

This instructional video is to create a Double Forward Rhombus Bracelet on your Rainbow Loom. This is an Intermediate Level Design. To make this bracelet you will need your Rainbow Loom and hook, a “c” clip, and your organizer chart, 31 “A” (red) and 30 “B” (blue) bands. Make sure the red arrow is pointing away from you when you start to create your bracelet. If you find the video going too fast, stop it and finish each step. Make sure you stay in time with the demonstrator. The video very clearly shows the looping. You may want to watch it first and then back it up and finish this step on your own bracelet. You will also find diagrams throughout the video to help you with certain steps. Take your time and you will finish with a wonderful Double Forward Rhombus Bracelet that will WOW your friends and family members. This bracelet makes a great gift at Christmas time or birthdays. You can also get creative and add Rainbow Loom charms to this bracelet to really make each one an individual piece of art. Your imagination is the only limit to the combination with this bracelet!

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