Double Forward Rhombus Bracelet

Double Forward Rainbow Loom

How to make a Double Forward Rhombus Bracelet- Rainbow Loom Instructions


Use your Rainbow Loom to create the Double Forward Rhombus Bracelet. This instructional video explains this pattern step-by-step so be ready to watch a small portion of it and then pause while you complete each step. Be sure to watch for the written tips on the screen that you will find throughout this demonstration.

Be sure to have LOTS of each color with you so you don’t run out before your bracelet is finished. This is a nice flat, wide band when completed. The Double Froward Rhombus Bracelet uses green and yellow bands, but you could combine any two colors to create a unique, “made by me!” bracelet that all of your friends will want! These make wonderful Christmas or Birthday gifts for both friends and family members!

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