Double X Bracelet Instructions

Double X Rainbow Loom

How to make a Double X Rainbow Loom Bracelet


This is an instructional video to create a Double X Bracelet on your Rainbow Loom. This video is created by a young girl who does an amazing job of taking you through step-by-step to create this Beginner Level pattern. The very beginning of the video shows this bracelet made in a multi-colored pattern, so be sure to decide how many colors you want to use and have all of your supplies with you before you begin. Be wild with your colors! Pick colors that you would normally put together or colors that you would never put together. Your imagination is the only limit to this pattern. Be prepared to pause the demonstration whenever you need to complete each step. Your friends are all going to beg you to make this bracelet for them! The Double X Bracelet is ideal to wear with other Rainbow Loom bracelets. Mixing flat bracelets with rounded ones will create a stylish, dynamic look to complete your next outfit!



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