Dragon Tail Rainbow Loom Bracelet Instructions

dragon tail bracelet instructions

How to Make a Rainbow Loom Dragon Tail Bracelet Pattern



This instructional video is to create a Dragon Tail Bracelet on your Rainbow Loom. This is a Beginner Level Design. You will need your Rainbow Loom, “c” clip, hook, and 2 color of bands. Unlike other designs, you begin this bracelet by running bands vertically up each of the three rows on the Rainbow Loom. This video stops and restarts in steps are completed so be ready to pause and continue when you have also finished each step. Take your time with each step. Once you are using the hook, the video demonstrates the step a few times before pausing until the step is complete. The extension for this bracelet is quite different from other bracelets. Once you have mastered the Dragon Tail Bracelet, you will be asked by friends and family to make them in their favorite colors! Get creative with your colors…try one color on each row for a crazy affect. Only your imagination is the limit to creating awesome Dragon Tail bracelets on your Rainbow Loom!

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