Feather Bracelet Instructions for the Rainbow Loom!

Feather Bracelet Tutorial

How to Make A Feather Bracelet Rainbow Loom Pattern



This is a tutorial for making the Feather Bracelet using your Rainbow Loom. This is an Advanced Level design. 

You will need 30 “A” Grey, 12 “B” Fuchsia, 24 “C” Purple, and 24 “D” Turquoise bands. You will also need your Rainbow Loom, hook, “c” clip, and band organizer. Before beginning, convert your loom to the rectangle form and have the red arrow pointed away from you. Be sure to follow the video carefully. They do fast forward to finish each section, so if you need to pause it to keep up, be ready to do that. Be careful when looping the bands. There are diagrams throughout the video to help you along. Once you have attached the “c” clip to the extension and the bracelet you will have a beautiful Feather Bracelet to share, trade, or sell to friends and family. Be creative with your colors to create a bold, soft, or dramatic look! Attach a Rainbow Loom Charm or two to customize your creation!

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