Flappy Bird Rainbow Loom Instructions

Flappy Bird Rainbow Loom

How to Make a Rainbow Loom Flappy Bird Charm

Do you guys play Flappy Bird on your phone? Awesome! Make a Flappy Bird Rainbow Loom Charm and you will make all your friends jealous :P





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Step One:

1) You will need three reds for the beak, one black for the eyes, five whites, and 30 yellows.

2) Take two single yellow rubber bands and put them down the center peg.

3) Then take two single rubber bands, coming diagonally on both sides.

4) On the bottom, come down twice with yellows

5) On the top, come down two yellows with two single rubber bands.

For His Eyes

1) For his eyes, take two single whites and closing it off diagonally where the yellows end and

that’s the top of his head

2) Close the bottom of his body diagonally with two single yellows

3) Form the center of his body with two single yellows

4) And lastly, take two single whites and that will form his eyes

For His Wings

1) Make each wing with two single rubber bands

2) Hook the rubber bands into the pegs above his body

3) Do that twice on either side of the pegs, once for each wing

4) Take a single rubber band and cap it off by looping three times to create four loops for both


5) With your hook, go under the cap bands grab the bottom two bands and loop it up for both


6) Take a single yellow and loop it up to hold the wings like you’re doing a slip knot

7) Take it off the loom

8) Take the wing and add it across the second peg to the second peg, from top to bottom.

9) Do the same thing with the other wing, but loop across the second peg to the second peg, from

bottom to top.


1) On your hook, take a single black and loop it three times to create four loops

2) Take a single white and pull the looped black onto the single white

3) Loop from third peg to third peg

For His Beak

1) You will need three single reds

2) On a hook, take single red, and loop three times, to create four loops

3) Do this with the additional two reds and pull the looped rubber bands on to the single

4) Add the beak to the bottom peg in the center

To Loop Up

1) Go under beak, pull it back, grab top two white rubber bands and loop it unto itself

2) Go back, grab the next two yellow rubber bands, loop it on to itself

3) Grab the last two, onto the top of the head

4) Finish the left side, going back and looping up to the top peg

5) Do the same thing on the other side

6) Loop it on the second peg from the center

7) Come up the center of the body, pulling the bottom two bands

8) Spread and pull our wings through put on second peg from the center

9) Fish the hook through, grab the bottom two bands, loop on to itself and create a tear drop

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