Head Band On the Rainbow Loom! Complete Instructions

Rainbow Loom Head Band Pattern

How to Make a Rainbow Loom Head Band!


This instructional video is to create a Rainbow Loom Headband on your Rainbow Loom. This is an Easy to Intermediate Level Design. For this design you will need a “c” clip or a 5 ½ inch piece of elastic, 2 Rainbow Looms and hook, a pair of scissors, and a lot of colored bands. This demonstrator uses rainbow colors in this video. Attach your looms one after the other, as shown in the video, with the red arrow pointing away from you. Be sure to push down the bands as you go. This video does not complete the headband in real-time so plan on pausing it to finish each step before moving on. For the second step you will flip the Rainbow Loom around so the red arrow is point toward you. The video very clearly shows the steps for looming this headband. Be careful when removing the headband from the loom so that you don’t break any bands. You may have to pull different sections of the headband to get the entire band taunt. Follow each step and you will finish with a terrific headband! The Rainbow Loom Headband makes a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift for friends and relatives! Have fun with color combinations and use them to complete all of your outfits!

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