Heart Charm Rainbow Loom Instructions

Heart Charm Pattern

How To Make a Rainbow Loom Heart Charm



The Heart Charm Rainbow Loom  is an Advanced Level Rainbow Loom Pattern. We think this is one of the prettiest bracelets you can make on the loom. Here we show you just how to make the charm, then you can connect it to any bracelet you have made. BE WARNED, you will NEED 2 looms for this pattern. Unfortunately, there is no way around this.

Grab a friends loom, or your sister or brothers and get started! The first bend is a double loop that goes diagonally to the right. This creates the pink border of the charm. One diagonally right, then one to the left back and forth 4 times.

The heart charm makes for a great gift, especially for cute girls you boys may have a crush on!  You will need to have 2 rows of the second loom connected to your main loom. In the video, we show you how to do this and what side to connect it to. The outline on the charm is done first, then the inside gets made. Take your time, and enjoy!


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