Heart Charm Rainbow Loom Instructions

Heart Charm Instructions

How to make a Rainbow Loom Heart Charm

This is a demonstration to create a Heart Charm on the Rainbow Loom. This is an Advanced Level design. You will need two colors of bands (1 of one color and 39 of the second color of choice), a Rainbow Loom template, your Rainbow Loom and your hook to complete this cute charm. Set up your loom in the staggered layout with the red arrow pointing away from you. Be sure you have the patterns mapped out before you start. The pattern is very complicated to be sure to take your time and be ready to stop the video to make sure you complete each step properly. The time and effort you put into the Heart Charm will be more than worth it. Friends and family will be begging you to make one for them! These cute charms can be used on backpacks, bracelets, necklaces, or anything else you want to decorate. Once you are comfortable with this design, the Heart Charm will be one of your favourite charms to make on your Rainbow Loom!

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