Honeycomb Bracelet Instructions

Honeycomb bracelet instructions

How to make A Honeycomb Rainbow Loom Bracelet


This instructional video is to create a Honeycomb Bracelet on your Rainbow Loom. This is a Beginner Level pattern. The video begins with a picture of a multi-colored Honeycomb Bracelet, so once you have mastered this pattern the sky is the limit when it comes to designing bracelets in this patterns!  The video clearly shows how many of each color of band you will need while following along with this demonstration, so be sure to get all of your supplies ready before you begin. Also, plan to pause the video at any point to finish each step if you need more time.  The creator of the video has also included diagrams so be sure to watch out for these during the demonstration. When finished you will LOVE the shape and look of the Honeycomb Bracelet! Make them for your friends or make them for family, but no matter who you make them for they will be amazed by how well you create such a beautiful bracelet on your Rainbow Loom!

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