Iron Man Bracelet Instructions!

Iron Man Pattern

How to Make an Iron Man Rainbow Loom Bracelet.

The Iron Man Rainbow Loom Bracelet is one of the coolest Rainbow Loom Bracelets out there. For this pattern you will only need 2 colors and any C, S, or Q clip will work. You will be double banding, which means you take two bands and place them over the pegs as if they were one. The loom needs to be set up differently also. Columns one and three need to be a little bit higher then columns two and four.

Although this might look difficult, it is actually a intermediate design and should be pretty easy for you to follow along. Make sure you add your cover bands in the form of a triangle ( single bands) and your end cap needs to stretched into a figure 8 and place it over the center peg in column 2.

We choose to use the classic Iron Man colors of red and gold. However, you can use any color combo you would like. Silver and black is also a nice combination and it is the colors of Irons Man’s other suit in the movies.

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