Kaleidoscope Rainbow Loom Bracelet Instructions

Kaleidoscope Rainbow Loom

How to Make a Rainbow Loom Kaleidoscope Rainbow Loom Bracelet


In this tutorial we show you how to make a Kaleidoscope Rainbow Loom Bracelet. Designed by Ellen a youtube.com Rainbow Loom designer, check out her youtube channel, “feelinspiffy” for other cool patterns. This pattern is an advanced level design. This pattern requires the use of two looms (for now). Hopefully we will get a single loom tutorial out in the near future.




You will need to make sure you loom is set up correctly before you begin. You need to have 5 pin bars and make sure that the center bar is down, and the rest are up.

You being on the outside and make a large honeycomb pattern. Basically a two up, two down pattern repeated on both the left and right sides. When complete you should have 3 full honeycomb patterns on your loom. The next part begins by banding some bars inside the honey comb pattern one in from each peg. Repeat this for each honeycomb. Once that is complete, go back and repeat the process for the inner circles you have just made. The next part is basically triangles all around, starting on the center stick.

The video will walk you through the rest of the instructions. If you get stuck, don’t worry. This is a long pattern to make and it gives many people trouble. If you have any question, post a comment below!




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