Mickey Mouse Rainbow Loom Instructions

Mickey Mouse Rainbow Loom

How to Make a Mickey Mouse Rainbow Loom Bracelet Pattern




This instructional video is to create a Mickey Mouse Bracelet on your Rainbow Loom. This is an Advanced Level Design. You will want to be very familiar with the Starburst pattern before making the Mickey Mouse Bracelet. You will need lots of black bands, another color of band to create the rest of the bracelet, 1 ā€œcā€ clip, your Rainbow Loom and hook. During your first step be sure to push down the black bands as you place them. Your second step will be some looping. Be sure to turn your Rainbow Loom around before starting this step. If you need to, pause this video to complete each step as it is all in real time. If you follow each step correctly, and take your time, you will finish with a wonderful Mickey Mouse Bracelet! These make GREAT gifts for anyone planning a trip to Disney World or Disneyland, or just love this amazing little mouse! These also make cool charms to attach to another style of Rainbow Loom Bracelet or Ring, or attach to backpacks, pencil cases, or any other zipper pull!

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