Mini Bow Tie Rainbow Loom Instructions

How to make Rainbow Loom Mini Bow Ties


This is a demonstration to make the Mini Bow Ties Charm on the Rainbow Loom. This is a Beginner Level pattern. You will need one Rainbow Loom with your pegs straight across, your hook, a bead with a band through it, and one color of your choice. Be sure to have all of your supplies ready before beginning the tutorial. Before starting step one, make sure the red arrow on your Rainbow Loom is facing away from you. Take your time and follow each step carefully. The demonstrator is very good at showing you where to place each band. You will master the Mini Bow Ties Charm in no time! These are great embellished with beads, rhinestones, and buttons. Place them on your Rainbow Loom bracelets, barefoot sandals, backpacks, or just about anywhere! Make them for your friends and give them as gifts!



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