Mini Cross Charm Without the Rainbow Loom Instructions

Mini Cross Instructions

How to Make a Mini Cross Charm Pattern Without Using a Loom

This instructional video is to make the Mini Cross Charm. This is an Beginner Level design. You will need your hook and 15 bands to complete this design. You will NOT need a Rainbow Loom for this design. You will have to work very carefully with your fingers to make the Mini Cross Charm. Be sure to take your time and stop the video when needed to practice each step. I suggest you actually watch the short video all the way through before you even start to make the pattern yourself. Once you have mastered these little charms, they will be great to create and attach to any of your Rainbow Loom bracelets, any backpacks, key chains, or just about anything you can think of! The possibilities are endless. So get creative and have fun making the Mini Cross Charm!

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