Mustache Tail Cuff Rainbow Loom Instructions

Mustache Tail Cuff Pattern

How to Make a Mustache Tail Cuff Rainbow Loom Pattern

This instructional video is to make the Mustache Tail Cuff on the Rainbow Loom. This is an Advanced Level design. This bracelet is great because it is reversible and can be worn many different ways as show on the video. To start you will need 1 row from your Rainbow Loom, your hook, 4 “c” or “s” clips, and an even number of colors of bands. To start you point the “c”’s on the loom facing away from you. Watch carefully to the placement of the bands in the first step. Following each step exactly will result in a wonderful bracelet to wear to school or share with a friend. You don’t have to make this pattern in a rainbow design; pick as few or as many colors you wish as long as you have an even number of colors in your bracelet. Your friends will be begging you to show them how to create such a cool bracelet so get ready to master the Mustache Tail Cuff Bracelet on your Rainbow Loom!

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