Ninja Turtle Rainbow Loom Instructions

Rainbow Loom Ninja Turtle Instructions

How to make a Ninja Turtle Rainbow Loom Pattern


This video demonstrates how to make the Ninja Turtles Bracelet on your Rainbow Loom. This is an Advanced Level design. Before you begin you will need 2 Rainbow Looms to create your Ninja Turtles Bracelet. Look very carefully how the looms are attached or your design will not turn out properly. Also note that the arrows on your two looms will be facing away from you. You will also need your hook, a ā€œcā€ ring, green, black, white, and the color for the mask of whichever turtle you are making. Be ready to stop the video to be sure you follow each step exactly as described in the demonstration. You will use a mix of single bands and double bands during this pattern. Note that they stop the video when they are finishing a step. This is a very complex design so take your time and your patience and careful work will result in an amazing Ninja Turtle Bracelet to show-off to your family and friends. They will be begging you to create one or even an entire set of 4 for them! The make wonderful gifts for Christmas and birthdays!

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