Onion Ring Bracelet Instructions

Rainbow Loom Onion Ring Bracelet Instructions

How to make a Rainbow Loom Onion Ring Bracelet


This instructional video is to create the Onion Ring Bracelet on your Rainbow Loom. This is Beginner Level pattern. The demonstration uses pink and black bands but you can pick any colors you wish. Make sure you have all the supplies you will need before you start. Also, plan to stop the video to finish each step before moving on. If you are new to using a Rainbow Loom the Onion Ring Bracelet is an ideal choice to start. Make several and wear them together. Make them for your friends at school and family members. Bracelets made on your Rainbow Loom make great Birthday and Christmas gifts! Once you have mastered this pattern you will be ready to try the many other Beginner Level patterns. So take your time, follow the video carefully and most of all……have fun!!

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