Piano Bracelet Rainbow Loom Instructions

Rainbow Loom Piano Bracelet

How to make a Rainbow Loom Piano Bracelet Pattern

This is a demonstration video to make a Piano Keyboard Bracelet on your Rainbow Loom. This is an Advanced Level pattern. This design is made using only 1 Rainbow Loom. You will also need your hook, and about 120 bands altogether; about 90 white and 30 black bands. Be sure to collect all the supplies before you start the demonstration. You begin the bracelet by making the back band. For this part you only use one row of the Rainbow Loom. This video fades out and back in when there is time needed to complete a step. Stop the video when he mentions that he will be right back and take your time to finish the step. When you are done this first step you will put the Rainbow Loom back together so that all three rows are lined up evenly. You will then be making the black keys using single bands and triple looping them before putting them onto the loom. You may have to practice this a few times before placing completing this step. Now you are ready to create the rest of the piano keys. This bracelet is very complicated but once you are done you will have an amazing bracelet you will be proud to wear! Friends and family will beg you to make one for them, so remember, the Piano Keyboard Bracelet makes an ideal birthday or Christmas gift!

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