Poodle Instructions

Rainbow Loom Poodle

How to make a Rainbow Loom Poodle

This is definetely an advanced Rainbow Loom Pattern. However, if you can stick it out and follow the instructions, the Rainbow Loom Poodle is by far one of the cutest things we’ve ever seen. Enjoy and good luck!

This video demonstrates how to make the Poodle Charm on the Rainbow Loom. This is an Advanced Level design. Before you begin be sure to have the Rainbow Loom in the standard off-set configuration with the red arrow pointing down toward you. You will also need your hook and a blank template to draw your poodle design onto with colored pencils. You will need bright pink, light pink, white, blue and black bands. You will use a combination of single bands, double bands and even triple bands to create this design. The video does speed up at certain steps so be prepared to stop the video until you are finished each section. Take your time and even rewind the video if you are struggling with one of the steps. Some of the pieces such as the legs are made and then attached to the body of the Poodle Charm. Once completed you will love this charm! Friends and family will be amazed at your talent and be asking for a Poodle Charm of their own! This charm makes a wonderful gift for birthdays or Christmas!


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