Rattle Snake Charm Instructions

How to make a Rainbow Loom Rattle Snake

How to Make A Rainbow Loom Rattle Snake Charm

In this video you will learn how to make the a Rattle Snake Charm. To make this project you will need:


  • 61 “main color” (green) bands.

  • 16 black bands..

  • 8 white bands.

  • A Red/Pink band.

  • A couple Pony Beads.



Begin by grabbing the colors you will be using for the pattern on the snake’s body. Start at the top right side of the Loom. Place a Black band followed by a White Band and another Black Band. Then, place three main color (green) Bands. Now, repeat this same pattern for the rest of the Loom. Now, place the same color bands on top of the previous ones. Where there is a Black, place another black one on top; do the same for all the others.

Now, it is time to repeat the pattern, this time do it along the center pins on the Loom. Create a second layer for it too. Back on the right side of the Loom, go to the closest pin to your body and put a main color band on it: wrap it around four times.


To continue, begin looping the right side, both two layers at the same time. Start from the pin closest to you and continue until the end of the loom. Once you are done, remove the bands (only the ones you looped). Keep the bands on your hook and go to the center bands. Pick the top band on the pin closest to you and remove it: place one of the black bands that you have on your hook and place it in the pin; place the main color band back on the pin on top of the black band, check the video for further advice. Now you can loop all the center bands. When you are done, remove the bands from the Loom.

Watch the video to learn how to make the head of the snake, while we could explain the process here, we are quite sure that you will not understand it. Once the head is finished and still on the Loom, place the body on the center pin at the end of the head (as if you were trying to connect them). Then loop the bands.Tie up the tongue and remove the head from the Loom, take your time to adjust the eyes and other imperfections. Congratulations, you finished your snake!

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