Rhombus Bracelet Instructions

Rhombus Rainbow Loom Instructions

How to make a Rainbow Loom Rhombus Bracelet


This is a demonstration video to make the Rhombus Bracelet on the Rainbow Loom. This is a Beginner Level pattern.  Four different colors are needed for this bracelet. Pick either complimentary colors or contrasting ones to make a vivid bracelet.  The video begins by explaining exactly how many of each color band you will need to complete the Rhombus Bracelet. Make sure you have all your supplies ready before beginning. Also, be prepared to stop the video to finish each step before moving on. The video uses diagrams during the demonstration so be sure to look out for them. Take your time with this pattern and when you have mastered the Rhombus Bracelet you will be able to move on to more complex Rhombus patterns. Rainbow Loom Instructions

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