Ring Instructions EASY!

East Rainbow Loom Ring

How to Make a Basic Rainbow Loom Ring Pattern

This instructional video is to create a Rainbow Loom Flower Ring on your Rainbow Loom. This is an Easy Level Design. You will need 3 colors of bands, a ā€œcā€ clip, your Rainbow Loom, and hook. In this demonstration pink, purple, and turquoise bands are used. If you find the video going too fast, stop it and finish each step. Make sure you stay in time with the demonstrator. The video very clearly shows the looping. You may want to watch it first and then back it up and finish this step on your own bracelet. Once you have mastered this easy design, you can play with the color combination and move on to more advanced ring patterns with your Rainbow Loom. Remember, this makes a great Christmas or birthday gift for friends and family members!

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