Ring With A Charm and Matching Earrings

ring and earrings

How to Make A Rainbow Loom Ring Pattern with a Holiday Charm



This instructional video is to create a Ring with Holiday Charm on your Rainbow Loom. This is an Intermediate Level Design. This instruction video will demonstrate how to make the Holiday Charm that can be attached to a ring, earring set and necklace to create a matching set. To complete this charm you will need 2 colours of bands (Christmas red and green), a rainbow Loom with all three rows lined-up evenly, and your hook. If you find the video going too fast, stop it and finish each step. Make sure you stay in time with the demonstrator. The video very clearly shows the looping. You may want to watch it first and then back it up and finish this step on your own bracelet. After the charm is finished you are shown how to turn it into a ring, earrings, and a necklace. This is a very versatile design that can be created using any two colors for jewelry sets to be worn throughout the year. Any female friend or family member would LOVE to receive a gift set uniquely made for them by their favorite artist….YOU!

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