Rock Candy Bracelet Instructions

Rainbow Loom Rock Candy Bracelet

How to Make a Rainbow Loom Rock Candy Bracelet

The Rainbow Loom Rock Candy Bracelet is another one of our favorites. To get the effect right be sure to use solid and shiny bands. The loom will need to be set up in a special pattern that is detailed in the video. After you have completed the first loom pattern be sure to push your bands down so there is plenty of room for the next layer. You will be starting and ending your pattern on the second to last peg on each side, then going inward towards the middle peg.

WQhen yu start the bracelet you will need to take one band and wrap t around 4 times on your hook. Now take another band, stretch it out and slide it onto the wrapped band. Then you will need to put in the second middle peg diagonally right. Repeat this step for the other side as well.

We consider this to be an immediate level pattern.  The steps are easy to follow along with if you take your time we are sure you will not have any problems. We have found that with this pattern you will need good quality bands, not any knock offs. The stretching of the bands in this pattern will break the cheapo bands out there.

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