Sailors Pinstripe Bracelet Instructions

Sailors Pinstripe Pattern Instructions

How to Make The Sailors Pinstripe Rainbow Loom Bracelet Pattern

This is an instructional video to make a Sailors Pinstripe Bracelet on the Rainbow Loom. This is an Advanced Level design. To make this design you will need 1 Rainbow Loom, the hook,4 “c” clips and about 250 bands of any color combination. Once you have mastered this pattern get wild with your color choices….your imagination is the only limit to the possibilities! Follow the directions for setting up your Rainbow Loom carefully. You will be using any 8 pegs in between the blue bases to complete the Sailors Pinstripe Bracelet. Be sure to pick your colors ahead of time. The demonstrator picked black and white for the pinstripe on the outside and a rainbow pattern for the inside of the bracelet. Once you have the basic pattern down, it just repeats itself for the length of the bracelet. The actual bracelet will “grow” out of the bottom of the Rainbow Loom. Be sure to take your time and stop the video if needed to complete each step properly. Attaching the bracelet to the “c” clips is not easy so take your time! When finished you will have an amazingly colorful bracelet that you friends will want! Remember, you can make great birthday and Christmas gifts with your Rainbow Loom.

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