Serpentine Bracelet Instructions

Rainbow Loom Serpentine Bracelet

How to Make a Rainbow Loom Serpentine Bracelet Pattern

Today we will show you how to create your own Serpentine Bracelet with the Rainbow Loom. This is an intermediate level design. To make this bracelet you will need:


  • 12 “A” Grey color bands.

  • 14 “B” Black bands.

  • 12  “C” Teal bands.

  • 12 “D” Blue bands.

  • A “C” Clip.

It’s a good idea to have the supplies ready before you begin and get ready to continue with this guide. If you are familiar with (or already made) other bracelets such as the Delta Wing Bracelet or the Tulip Tower Bracelet, making this one will not be hard at all.

Step 1: Placing the Bands.


To get started placing the bands, begin by setting up your Loom so that the red arrow is pointing away from you. Refer to the following diagram as you place the first eight bands:


We will start from the center pin and place the first “A” band to the left. The next band we will place is a “B” band from the center pin forward to the next center pin. Continue by placing a “C” band on the left, followed by a “D” band from the second center pin to the left pin. Again from that same center pin we will place an “A” band to the right, and a “B” band to the third center pin. Place a “C” band from the second pin on the right to the third pin on that same side. To finish the pattern place a “D” band from the third center pin to the third right pin. Repeat this pattern until you reach the end of the Loom. Place a cap band on the last pin by twisting an “A” color band.

Step 2: Looping the bands.


To start looping the bands, begin by turning the Loom around so that the red arrow is pointing towards you. Refer to the diagram below as you loop the first eight bands:


Start from the center pin and use your hook to loop the “D” band towards the left pin. From that same left pin, loop the “C” band to the following left pin. From there, loop the “A” band to the next center pin. Go back to the first center pin and loop the “B” band forward. From the second center pin loop the “D” band to the second right pin. From that left pin loop the “C” band forward. Next, loop the “A” band to the third center pin from the third right pin. Lastly, loop the “B” band from the second central pin to the third central pin. Repeat until the end of the Loom. Loop the last band to the center pin.


Step 3: Finishing the bracelet.


Now it’s time to finish the bracelet: position the hook on the last pin. Pull up all the bands on that pin and slide the hook through the channel you just formed. Rotate the hook to the left and place a “B” color band on the end of it. Pull back the hook and slide it up as you place both ends of the bands on the hook: move them to the thickest part of it. Use your hands and the hook to remove the bands from the Loom.

If you wish to fit this bracelet comfortably on your wrist, place five or six bands on the Loom and place your cap band on the last one. Extend the first band to the side and create an area to place your “C” clip. You can now finish your bracelet by connecting the area created with the band on your hook using the clip.


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