Single Chain Bracelet Instructions

Single Chain Bracelet

How to Make a Single Chain Rainbow Loom Bracelet Pattern

This is a tutorial for making the Spiral Bracelet using your Rainbow Loom. This is a Beginner Level design.  

You will need 13 “A” Red, and 12 “B” Yellow bands, a Rainbow Loom, a organizational chart, a “c” clip, and a hook. There are diagrams throughout the video to help you with each step. Be ready to pause the tutorial in order to keep pace with the demonstrator. Once you have finished the bracelet you will have to create an extension. A larger wrist would need 5 or 6 bands. Smaller wrists will only need 3 or 4 bands.  This design can also be made by doubling, or even tripling your bands for a thicker bracelet. If you do this them remember to do the same with the extension that you make. Once you have mastered this design play with the color combinations and create this bracelet for friends and family or as a fundraiser with your school or team!

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