Smiley Face Charm Instructions


How to make a Rainbow Loom Smiley Face Charm


This is a demonstration of how to create the Smiley Face Charm on the Rainbow Loom. This is an Advanced Level pattern. The demonstrator suggests starting with a different design if this is your first charm. You will need a Rainbow Loom template, hook, colored pencils, as well as black and yellow bands to complete this charm. You will use a combination of single bands and double bands when making this charm. Be prepared to stop the video to sketch out both the basic structure of the face and then the details. Go slow and compare what she is doing with her design and what you are doing on your Rainbow Loom. If you don’t follow the placement of the bands perfectly, your Smiley Face Charm may fall apart when you take it off of the loom. Patience and a steady hand are key in successfully creating this charm. Take your time and when you are finished you will be smiling as well! Be ready for your friends and family to order their own Smiley Face Charm once they see yours!

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