Snake Belly Rainbow Loom Bracelet Instructions

Snake Belly Bracelet

How to Make a Snake Belly Rainbow Loom Bracelet Pattern

This instructional video is to create a Snake Belly Bracelet on your Rainbow Loom. This is an Advanced Level Design. According to the demonstrator this is the most difficult bracelet to make on your Rainbow Loom, so have lots of patience. The Snake Belly Bracelet required 5-7 Rainbow Looms and 300-400 bands to create. Set-up your 5 Rainbow Looms so that you have 5 bar pins lined in a row and 3 high. This set-up is long enough for a child’s wrist. To create an adult’s bracelet you will need the same set-up with all 7 Rainbow Looms. Unlike other videos, this one is showing you how to make it, not verbalizing the instructions. There is no talking and it does speed time up so be ready to pause the video until you finish each step. I recommend you watch the video once through first and then decide on your colors. Remember, a piece of art takes time to create and with the Snake Belly Bracelet, you are definitely creating a masterpiece! If you get tired or frustrated, take a break and come back to it later. Be very careful when removing the bracelet from the Rainbow Loom. Once you have finished your first Snake Belly Bracelet you will be “hooked”!! Friends and family will be paying you to design one for them in their favorite colors! Enjoy!

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