St. Patrick’s Day Mini Handbag or Purse Instructions

Mini Handbag Instructions

How to Make a Rainbow Loom St. Patricks Day Mini Handbag


In the video above you will learn how to set up your Loom to make your own St. Patrick Mini Handbag. This is an advanced design and adult supervision is recommended.


Begin by grabbing four Loom templates and use a screwdriver to remove all the blue bases from them. Fourteen bases will be needed to achieve the following result:

Begin the main layout by placing bands all across the bottom of your platform from left to right. Then place several bands vertically across the Loom intercalating the colors between yellow, green and white.


Now, place “triangle” bands laterally covering three pins at a time. Repeat for the entire platform. Turn the template around and begin looping it. Remember that if you are looping the bands correctly you should see teardrops all over the template. Tie and secure the last corner band and proceed to remove the patch from the template. Repeat this whole process one more time to get the second half of the Handbag.


Place the two patches side by side, slide your hook through their borders and create a “bridge”. Place a band on the end of the hook and begin tying the handbag. Repeat for the three sides of the handbag and leave the top side open. Once you are finished you should have a pretty messy pocket shaped thingy: flip it inside out and attack two single links with C clips as your handles, now your hand back should look much more uniform and slick.


Congratulations, you finished your handbag!


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