Sushi Roll Rainbow Loom Instructions by Elegant Fashion 360

Sushi Roll Tutorial

How To Make Rainbow Loom Sushi Roll Charms!

This pattern makes us hungry :) Try not to eat the sushi charm after you make it, trust me, it’s tempting. For this pattern you will need 28 white bands, 1 green band, 1 red band, 1 orange band, and 40 black bands. Have fun!

This Design Is Brought To You By Elegant Fashion 360


Elegant Fashion is a new designer (to us) and this is the first of her videos we added. Was it any good? Should we add more? Be sure to let us know what you thought! We’re the instructions clear? Did the pattern come out right or was it a disaster? Always leave us feedback so we can only provide the very best instructions for you guys! Thank you!

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