Triple Link Chain Bracelet Instructions- SIMPLE!

Triple Link Bracelet

How to Make a Rainbow Loom Triple Link Bracelet Pattern

This is a tutorial for making the Triple Link Chain Bracelet using your Rainbow Loom. This is a chunkier bracelet that takes a lot of bands. An average sized hand will need about 100 bands between the three colors. You will also need your hook, and a “c” clip. Before beginning, pop off the middle row on your Rainbow Loom, and turn it around and place it back into place. This will put your loom into the rectangular shape.  Follow each step and be ready to pause the video if needed to stay at the same pace. Once you have mastered this design, play with the colours; try using your school or team colors!  Be careful with the looping; you don’t want your bracelet to fall apart when it comes off yourRainbow Loom. This bracelet could also be flattened out and worn as a necklace; better yet make two matching ones! They will make wonderful gifts for friends and family!

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