Two Color Flower Rainbow Loom Charm

Two Color Flower Rainbow Loom Instructions

Two Color Flower Rainbow Loom Charm Instructions


This is a demonstration for creating the Two Color Flower Charm on the Rainbow Loom. This is a Beginner Level pattern. To begin you will need 1 loom, 12 bands for the flower petals (6 of each color) and 3 bands for the center of the flower. You will also need a ā€œcā€ clip to finish off the charm. Begin with your Rainbow Loom in a rectangular pattern. The demonstrator completes this demonstration in real time so you can follow along with her. Take your time, stop the video if you need to and have fun mastering this pattern. Once the ā€œcā€ clip is on you can pull on the various bands to spread out the petals of the flower. As suggested in the video, just play around with it until you have the perfect flower. These cute flowers can be attached onto your Rainbow Loom bracelet, necklaces, key chains, or just about anything else you can think up; your imagination is the only limit!

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