X Twister Bracelet Instructions

Rainbow Loom X Twister Bracelet Instructions

How to Make The X Twister Rainbow Loom Bracelet Pattern

This is an instructional video to make the X Twister Bracelet on the Rainbow Loom. This is an Advanced Level design. To begin you will need one Rainbow Loom with the red arrow facing away from you, your hook, a “c” clip, as well as black, pink, green, and blue bands. This video is very easy to follow along with but you will have to stop the video to complete each step. Before you start using your hook you will have to turn your loom around. At this point turn up your sound as the demonstrator’s voice gets very quiet. Take your time and you will finish with an amazing colorful X Twister Bracelet. Your family members and friends will love one of these bracelets. Get creative with your colors and customize a bracelet for each friend for a birthday or Christmas gift! The possibilities are endless!

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