Zig Zag Bracelet Instructions- Advanced

zig zag bracelet

How to Make A Rainbow Loom Zig Zag Bracelet Pattern (Advanced)


This is a tutorial for making the Zig Zag Bracelet using your Rainbow Loom. This is an Advanced Level design.  

You will need 16 “A” Blue, 16 “B” Red, and 18 “C” White bands, a Rainbow Loom in a rectangular shape, an organizational chart, a “c” clip, and a hook. .  Be sure to have your materials ready before starting the tutorial video.  The red arrow is facing away from you when you start your Zig Zag Bracelet. The video explain each step very clearly, but does fast-forward so be prepared to stop the tutorial until you are caught up and ready to move onto the next step. Throughout the video, there are graphics to refer to in each segment. The looping is quite detailed, so you may have to pause, rewind, and play again to make sure you are looping correctly. Once you have finished the bracelet you will have to create an extension.  A larger wrist would need 5 or 6 bands. Smaller wrists will only need 3 or 4 bands. Be creative with the colors for this bracelet and give them as gifts to friends and family or sell them as a fundraiser for a school team or club!



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