Zig Zag Bracelet Pattern Instructions

Zig Zag Bracelet Instructions

Rainbow Loom Zig Zag Bracelet Pattern

This instructional video is to create a Zig Zag Bracelet on your Rainbow Loom. This is an Easy to Intermediate Level Design. You will need your Rainbow Loom, hook, a “c” clip, and 2 different colors of bands. Remember to start with the red arrow pointing away from you and start with going to the left. Be ready to pause the video to finish each step as the demonstrator does go quite quickly. The placing of the bands is fairly simple; be extra careful when looping with the Zig Zag Bracelet. You may want to listen and watch this part first and then back up the video and complete yours at the same time. Once you have mastered this bracelet you can get CRAZY with colors!! Pick two BOLD colors or your school colors. This is a fast bracelet to create so you can even make one to complete all of your outfits! This bracelet is idea to attach one or many of the Rainbow Loom charms to and “dress-up” this design.

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