Zippy Chain Bracelet Instructions

Zippy Chain Tutorial

How to Make a Rainbow Loom Zippy Chain Bracelet Pattern

This instructional video is to create a Zippy Chain Bracelet on your Rainbow Loom. This is an Intermediate Level Design. For this bracelet you will need your Rainbow Loom, hook, a “c” clip, 28 purple bands, 22 turquoise bands, and 12 neon green bands. This demonstration is very clearly laid out and if you follow each step carefully you will end with a wonderful Zippy Chain Bracelet. Be ready to pause the video until you are finished each step as they fast forward during the individual steps. You will also see charts to help you throughout the video. You can very clearly see the steps in looping so you may want to first watch it and then rewind and follow along as you complete your own bracelet. A chain extension is usually required with this design. 2 to 4 additional loops for a child and 5-6 for an adult is usually enough. The video shows you how to complete this step. The color combinations are endless once you have mastered the Zippy Chain Bracelet. Make one for your best friend in their favorite colors, or one in your school colors. Try attaching one of the many Rainbow Loom Charms to dress-up this bracelet. The ideas are endless!

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